A Single Number Could Save Lives and Our Healthcare System Billions of Dollars

The Path Forward

  1. Lift the Funding Restriction: Congress needs to remove the restriction prohibiting the funding of unique IDs at the Federal level.
  2. Designate and Fund a Responsible Organization: Either HHS or a non-governmental organization needs to be responsible for issuing unique identifiers to the public.
  3. Always Protect Patient’s Right to Privacy: A majority of the public will be fine with a single unique identifier for all of their health records. Some will prefer to have multiple identifiers or to use no identifier at all. It is the patient’s decision to de-couple, opt-out, and even request the deletion of their records.
  4. Pick Proven Technology: When deciding how to generate the identifier, it’ll be important to keep things simple and pick proven technologies.



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Ryan Panchadsaram

Ryan Panchadsaram


Venture @ Kleiner Perkins // Former U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer at the White House.